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Ryan K. Hamlin

Ryan K. Hamlin is a pop/alternative singer-songwriter from Raleigh, NC. He recently signed with Center Sound Records, and is excited to announce the release of his first 5 song EP in 2013. The album is rich with driving beats and hard-hitting melodies, and is flavored with a back-road, turn-it-up sound that is reminiscent of southern comfort and muddy tires.

“This record is a collection of all the things I’ve discovered in the past few years about life, about finding your place in a world full of critics, and holding on to the ones you love. It’s about living dangerously, because life is too short not to be reckless once in a while. And it’s about the one that got away, and finding out just how far you’ll go to get them back.”

Ryan’s music has been featured in several radio shows and films, and there is plenty more to come. His songs have many influences, including a long list of various artists and sounds. He mixes the homegrown flavor of Bela Fleck and the Flecktones with pop hooks like songs from John Mayer, backed with the driving rock groove of Augustana. It’s a truly unique collection of influences, but Ryan’s sound is easy to listen to, and it’s a guaranteed good time. He is excited to resume his live performances upon the release of the album.
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Betty Swain Project
Limited Edition w/12 page book
$9.95 + s&h