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Recent Projects

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Sing With Max

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Sing With Max

Inspired by the award winning children’s books series “Read With Max” and told from a dog's prospective, “Sing With Max" inspires as well as addresses issues like reading, anti-bullying, fitting in, working dogs for the disabled, cooking, and having to move. Children are encouraged to learn about music, sing along, and, of course, read.
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A Long Way Off

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A Long Way Off

Center Sound, Uptone Pictures & Prodigalfilm LLC announces the release of the title track "A Long Way Off" from the movie "A Long Way Off". Written by Christa Wells & Craig Brandwynne, Performed by Christa Wells. Available now on iTunes.
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Betty Swain Project

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Betty Swain Project

Betty Swain, an 85-year-old country singer, rummaged through her cedar chest and discovered lyrics she had written nearly a half-century ago. A group of Raleigh, NC based musicians helped her realize a lifelong dream weeks before her death by performing the songs for her at a family picnic in 2011. In 2013 the Betty Swain Project traveled to The Parlor Studios on Nashville's Music Row where Lynn Anderson, Kim Parent, Siobahn Magnus, Loni Rose, Taylor Watson, and a cast of Nashville's finest carried Betty Swain's dream a step further in recording sessions that would lead to the summer-2013 release of the Betty Swain Project album. Read more...

Latest News

Drop by Drop Podcast: Music Industry vs. Pop Culture

Center Sound's Craig & Mary Brandwynne on the Drop By Drop Podcast.
On this episode of Drop by Drop Podcast, we spoke to Mary and Craig Brandwynne, owners of Center Sound Records in Raleigh, NC. Center Sound Records specializes in audio production for film and television, in addition to producing musical artists as an independent record label. After working in the music industry for many years as musicians, they decided to take it to the next level and established the company in 2007. Listen to the interview HERE.

Center Sound Releases "A Long Way Off"

ALWO Single Cover-sm
Center Sound, Uptone Pictures & Prodigalfilm LLC announces the release of the title track "A Long Way Off" from the movie "A Long Way Off". Written by Christa Wells & Craig Brandwynne, Performed by Christa Wells. Available now on iTunes.

"A Long Way Off" Distribution Deal and Release Date Announced

"A Long Way Off", featuring sound design and music by Center Sound, will be released on June 3rd by Word Films. The film is a modern day prodigal son story featuring Jason Burkey, Robert Davi, John Diehl, Edie McClurg and Sean Hannity.

In this 2000-year-old story, Jacob leaves the family farm, shunning his father’s religious and business ethics, to strike out on his own in the big city, poised to conquer the world in his own way—on his terms. Surprised that his father actually obliges his request for an early inheritance, Jacob sets out for his own idea of fortune and fame, and proceeds to spend millions of dollars living the high life—only to find it come crashing down and learning vital life lessons, coming back a humbled, appreciative son, finally ready to reconcile with both his earthly and Heavenly Father.


Christa Wells' "A Long Way Off" video debuts

Center Sound is proud to announce the release of the official music video of the theme song from the film "A Long Way Off" Now on Vimeo; The song was co-written and produced by Craig Brandwynne and Christa Wells. Performed by Christa Wells, engineer: Nicholas Bagwell.

The film is due out on Father's Day.

long way off player

Read With Max - New Video & Mom's Choice Awards®

The official music video for Sarah Copley's "Everyone's Your Friend", from the award-winning Sing With Max children's CD, brings awareness and support for anti-bullying.


Also, The Mom's Choice Awards® has named “SING WITH MAX” CD by Center Sound Records, Inc. among the best in family friendly media, products and services by awarding them with silver medal in Audio Experiences: Ages 3 – 10. Read the press release HERE.

Center Sound Records' Ryan K. Hamlin Releases Video for "Virginia"

Virginia is a song that I wrote for victims of domestic violence and child abuse. This film was created to bring awareness to these issues, and so that it could be a message of hope to people in abusive relationships.

I know it can be difficult to separate from someone we've formed an emotional bond with, and sometimes we believe the lie that it's our fault, or that we can change their behavior. It's easy to make excuses for the ones we love. It's even easier to blame ourselves. But you don't deserve to be treated this way, and you do have a choice.

Don't be a victim, and don't let your loved ones be victims either. If you even suspect that someone close to you is being abused, call your local authorities help put an end to domestic violence.


Sing With Max wins Mom's Choice Awards® Silver

Congratulations to Max for his 2013 Mom's Choice Awards® Silver in the Audio Experiences category.

Sing With Max Cover - SM